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Hot Wings

I am also interested in the mode of failure, and your
speculations/reasons for the failure.
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jcrain2@... writes:

When you say the glass webs between the cores are you refering to the
canard or did Mark decide to put an extra shear web in the main wing
also? I am assuming the canard passed the test because of the extra
shear web at 30% cord plus tapered spar caps.
As for the main wing test failure I am confused because the main wing is
built per plans with extra BID lay ups on the aft shear web plus the
tapered spar caps. Wasn't it stronger than the original main wing at that
point? In Mark's notes he says something like load test per Q plans but
leave out the jack. Is that the part of the fixture you referred to as
causing the test failure on the main wing.

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