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Bruce Crain

Looks great!  After you fly it a while start thinking of how I can get the sparrow strainers to adjust and relieve the pressure on the trim wheel so that the elevator is not loaded but neutral.  When the strainers are correctly adjusted you can, at that point, loosen the friction lock on the trim wheel and let it free wheel.  When neutral for trim you can then remove the trim wheel and adjust for pitch using only the aileron reflexed.  The sparrow strainers are then hard wired to the elevator.  
Clear as mud?
Bruce Crain

On Dec 7, 2022, at 5:51 AM, Mike Steinsland <MIKESKUSTOMS@...> wrote:

Thanks Norm,
The benefit of a photo is that I can see more than what the topic is about. Thinks like fuel lines and other controls.

Lots of thinking ahead on where to put everything all the while keeping in mind that I will eventually have an instrument panel in the way.
I'm giving some serious thought on how to swing it up out of the way so I can get at all of these parts for maintenance 


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Elevator trim control
The photos show my spring and roller chain with wheel and friction adjustment screw.

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