Re: Trim control

Chris Walterson

Here are a few pictures of what I did for the trim. The one picture shows the pushrods going to the bellcranks.  I made the bellcranks I think 1 1/2 inches longer to be less sensitive, and I also have dual tabs a compared to the stock single tab. If you look to the left you can see the single mass balance arm close to the fuselage side. To this I welded a tab and attach the trim control cable to one side.   I have a small pulley installed on the canard reinforcement tab on the side of the fuselage.  A cable goes through the pulley to allow for the welded tab to go back and forth.

 There are small springs attached to both cables to allow for better trim.  The trim mechanism  is in front of the throttle. Roll it forward, nose down, roll it back , nose up.  The cable goes through the mechanism and is pinched so it is positive when the trim is moved.

 I have the sparrow strainers from the Dragonfly and are set to their specs.

 On the first flight I set the elevator trim with the wheel and ever since then as Bruce stated I only use the reflexor.

 The reflexor control is the lawn mower throttle in front of the airplane throttle.  Reflexor forward, nose down, reflexor back, nose up. The back knob is the throttle and the red is the turbo boost conttrol.

 Works great, and the airplane as configured is  easier than my Dragonfly  to land.  Take care----------  Chris

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