Re: Tailwheel Attachment Part Machining?

Bill Allen

Just going through the same thing myself, modifying an “RV” Doug Bell” tail wheel to keep the tail as low as possible to get max GAA….
The original builder already fitted a “doubler” under the original tail spring. There’s is a bracket (not fitted in the pic) connecting the two.

On Thu, 9 Jun 2022 at 00:54, Robert Schmid <robert@...> wrote:
My tailspring broke where the old tailwheel was attached, so missing about 2 inches for my new tailwheel plus the ID of the attachment is 5/8" when the remaining spring is not quite 3/4". See picture for the dilemma ...

So my current thinking is to have the following part machined (yes I'll make a real CAD drawing for it, but the whiteboard was closer than CAD) ... 

Anyone here a machining expert? CAD drawing will be provided to load ;-)

Thanks Robert

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