Re: Tailwheel Attachment Part Machining?

Jim Patillo

Hi Mike,
If you want to give me a call, I will be happy to explain exactly how to put the tail spring in. 

N46JP Q200

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Subject: Re: [Q-List] Tailwheel Attachment Part Machining?
How are you guys floxing the tail spring in?

My plans aren't showing how far the spring goes into the tail.
I'm going to install a tube and then a 5/8' spring steel rod inside that.
How far in should I install it?

Looks like a big hole in there,  is it completely filled with flox?

How did you get the flox in there, a syringe/ pump of some sort?
Or did you "spoon" it in and then allow it to squeeze out when the spring was inserted?

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