Re: Tailwheel Attachment Part Machining?

Mike Dwyer

Hi Mike,
One thing is don't worry about the weight your adding there as Q200's need weight in the tail.  My Glass spring was stuck in about 1.5 foot.  It did break where it was stupidly fit into the steel tube going to the tail wheel assy.  I fixed that by doubling the diameter of the fiberglass rod and welding in a larger tube to the tail wheel.  Also the factory tail wheel pivots on an AN3 bolt.  I bent that bolt often.  Needs to be an AN4 at least.  Oh, and I had the lower rudder hinge break loose from the attachment to the plane.  Beef that up while your at it.
Fly Safe,
Mike Dwyer

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On Mon, Dec 12, 2022 at 2:15 PM Mike Steinsland <MIKESKUSTOMS@...> wrote:
How are you guys floxing the tail spring in?

My plans aren't showing how far the spring goes into the tail.
I'm going to install a tube and then a 5/8' spring steel rod inside that.
How far in should I install it?

Looks like a big hole in there,  is it completely filled with flox?

How did you get the flox in there, a syringe/ pump of some sort?
Or did you "spoon" it in and then allow it to squeeze out when the spring was inserted?

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