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Jay Scheevel

Thanks Mike,


That up elevator is intentional on my part. I have both reflexor and elevator trim. I have found that when I adjust both, so that it trims out level and the elevator is up a few degrees, I get the best possible cruise speed (highest efficiency). I have done quite a bit of trial and error testing on this and when I am set up for cruise with the elevator set like this, I consistently get the best results, regardless of GW or CG location.


Hope you survive your cold-snap 😉


Let us know when you get that Velocity flying.





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Interesting that your elevator rides up a bit.  I could get mine to do that with full reflex up but otherwise was at 0 degrees. 

Thanks for posting something that I'll never see!

It's wicked cold here today in FL.  63F going up to 70F, so I can't imagine flying at -8C!

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Got out on Saturday for a short flight around our valley. It was -8 C when I took off, so the density altitude was well below field MSL. Climbed out spritely and the thick air felt great. Also, have my radiator doors fully closed, so the plane is as fast as it goes. We had a little snow that made for nice scenery over the red rock in the canyons, and the ice is starting to form up on the river and ponds. Winter flying is in full swing now. Those of you building, keep at it. I have surpassed the 4 year mark since my first flight and it has been a great experience. Here is a short video.



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