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Jay Scheevel

Glad you got it back home again, Mike. Bob and company did a great job on that repair. I am certain you will enjoy it for many more years. Happy flying into the new year!





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I bought a Q200 from Bob Farnahm in April of 21. He graciously offered to help me with my first condition inspection , specifically taking off the elevators and lube them up and re - install. I flew  back over from the vegas area.Everything was going great until we found that the mid point hinge support had broken off on the right elevator . The airplane flew fine ( although I heard some reports of bad things)  I felt none of that flying over to Livermore. Bob along with Jim Patilo and others there jumped in and got involved with a fix. After Bob found the correct part (C17 for the LS1 canard) I found a machine shop near me that made a couple up for me.
After getting them to Bob and Jim they really had to dig deep in the plans on the procedure to fix.
After a long 6 months of logistics and my wife going through some medical problems I finally got my baby back home in BVU on the 23rd.  It’s been a wonderful Christmas this year for sure!
I can’t thank enough Bob, Jim and Phil Langford and especially Steve Rothert for their consultation and encouragement throughout this marathon.
I will  attach some pictures in case anyone else needs to see
Thank you to a wonderful fun Group!

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