Re: Mike Conlin Q-LIST Re: Waddelow canard info

Bruce Crain

Did Marc use the load test from a past Quickie news letter or something
different? Seems like I remember something in a conversation about
"folks" loading their airfoils to the max and leaving the load to long.
Wasn't there some discussion at one of the Q forums about testing for
only a few seconds and then removing the weight?
Thanks for the info below. For the "ones" of us building the Waddlow
airfoils I would like to offer a sigh of relief.
Jimmeh You Da Man!!

Bruce Crain

On Wed, 23 Jan 2002 00:32:53 EST JMasal@... writes:
After Marc's airfoil failed I drove to Osh with him that summer. We
made it a
point to attend a NASA forum on stress testing. When we saw photos
of a wing
load test, lightbulbs went on in our heads and we realized his
fixture was
all wrong. Prolly all 3 of those airfoils were OK.


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