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Bruce Crain

Good form Jim!!  Bummer about the 30 knot headwind!  I didn’t think the wind ever blew hard in Cali!

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Happy New Year Everyone!

I got off LVK this morning at 8:37A with a direct 32k headwind all the way home to Auburn. Made a couple hot laps around my place to let Mama know I was home.  She was on the balcony with 4 grandkids waving like crazy. (We have 8 girls and one boy).

Like Sam said, we’ve had very heavy rainfall for the last few days but today was severe clear with beautiful sunny California skies right up to the Sierra foothills. The mountains are now covered with a fresh blanket of snow. Temperature at liftoff was 45F and 39F on arrival. Moderate bumps until over the Sacramento Valley at 3,500’. Surprisingly there were only two airliner dudes  and one private guy on center. It was a fun flight. 

Quickies Forever!

Jim Patillo
N46JP - Q200

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Awesome Kevin.  You might be the first flight of the year!
It's solid IFR in west central FL.
Mike Dwyer

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Happy New Year everyone.

I just got back from a half hour flight. I took my father in-law along for a beautiful flight in southern Florida.

Kevin (Q200, dragger)


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