Re: installing tail wheel spring/ angle of incidence

Mike Steinsland

Argghhh its snowing again,  gotta go plow the highway

On Thu., Jan. 12, 2023, 10:18 a.m. Mike Steinsland, <mikeskustoms@...> wrote:
I think what I am going to do is level the fuselage at WL15.

Because I have adjusted the angle of the tailwheel, resulting in the tailwheel being 3" lower, I'll set it at 24" to the floor rather than the 27 called for.

It sounds to me that the reflexor will work for correcting any minor angle variation.

Jay, I will contact you about pictures.

Can anyone tell me where to measure the AOA with the fuselage level at WL15 so that I can confirm I'm pretty close before I glue this spring in? 

Or is setting the wheel at the right height sufficient?


On Thu., Jan. 12, 2023, 9:54 a.m. Chris Walterson, <dkeats@...> wrote:
  Mike-------------  When I was building my Q200 Jay helped with my
angle of attack. I sent Jay some pictures of the airplane stance and he
found out I had the 7-8 degrees called for.  I had built my center
consol level with the water line so this is where I measured.

This was all called out for in the plans. Having done this there were no
surprises on initial takeoff other than having to crank in a bit of
aileron reflexor to achieve an angle of attack.

  I think if you don't have the 7-8 degrees you will have hard time
getting it to fly.

  With all this done, the Q200 is VERY easy to land. With proper
reflexor I can come close to three pointing every time.

  Take care--------------  Chris

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