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Frankenbird Vern

 Back in the day I took my beloved (cheap to own and fly)  N1100Y,  an O-200 powered 1962 B model 150 to taildragger. Looked like a baby 180.. but what a heavy tail that one had! Took half the runway just to get the tail to fly.   

 And three point the landings because a wheel landing was near to impossible, (hop hop hop) no matter how fast the yoke was jabbed forward. My initial conventional training was in an Airknocker 7AC Champ. Then moved up to a Cessna 140 without gear extensions and an STC O-235 up front, A Taylorcraft BL (unusual) and a Funk (more unusual).  A few others in there for good measure but the Bowlens conversion 150 and Texas Taildragger both are 3 point landings only.  Better to stay with the pegleg.    
 I like the video tho.. funny one. 


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Very Good Jay, and so true, well for a PA28, not so sure for the nosey  Q ers.

Rich T.

On 12/01/2023 02:38, Jay Scheevel wrote:

Given my recent intrepid foray into giving tail dragger Q advice, despite my being a nose dragger Q pilot, I thought I could eat a little crow and allow you Q-dragger pilots to enjoy this music video at my expense. 
Provided to me without comment by my Stearman flying buddy. Enjoy.


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