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Mike Dwyer

I measured my Q200 at 900lb.
Vs 67 mph 
Vx 85 mph
Vy 120 mph
Vne 230 mph 
I did find that with the engine at full power the plane would lift off around 60 mph (below stall speed) I think due to the additional airflow over the wing at full power.  Due to that I would always lift off and stay in ground effect until 100 mph, then climb out.  I would fly final with 2 170 lb  people at 90 mph and single place at 85 mph.  If you want to land in 1600 feet.

Mike Dwyer

On Wed, Jan 18, 2023, 21:13 Robert Schmid <robert@...> wrote:
I am making panel decals and am looking at expected v speeds for a Q2 wing with an O-200 engine. Here is what I found in digging thru my docs ...

Vx                 70 mph
Vy                 85 mph
Vs                 60 mph
Vc                160 mph
Vm              135 mph
Vne             200 mph

Close? And yes I understand that I need to test these and run numbers and graphs later but for now I am trying to get conservative ballpark numbers.

Thanks Robert
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