Re: It Flies!

Jim Patillo

Tim, congratulations on your TQ flight! I will always remember with thanks and gratitude, the first time pulling the stick back on N46JP and it really flew. No more Hangar Queen. Now you’ve gotten to feel the same thing.  A great feat! Best of luck during your testing phase. 

I flew home to Auburn, Ca today from SF Bay Area. 57k headwind at 5,500’. Needless to say, it slowed down the Mighty Q to a crawl. 😊
 I average 1,000. to 1,100 miles per month in my Quickie. You gotta love um’

Jim Patillo
N46JP Q200

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Good Evening / Morning,

Very pleased to say that this weekend G-BKSK has graduated from ground to air, (as a Tri-Q200).
Added a few photos to my folder, but here is another.
Thanks to everyone who has offered hints and tips plus the wealth of knowledge on the list.


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