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It was a privilege to fly both machines in the last few days and testament to Tim and Richard for all the efforts putting their machines together and the there were only minor issues that require rectification. Despite extensive restoration work Richard’s only had minor modifications so only required a short annual Permit to Fly renewal air test. Hopefully he will receive a new Permit to Fly in the next few days. Tim’s was a tail dragger last time it flew in 1987 and was converted to a Tri-Q which is considered a major modification by the LAA and requires a 5 hour Test Flight programme. So far we have done a short shakedown flight to make sure nothing leaks or has come loose and a longer 1 hour air test where we started gathering some data points. I’ll write a short flight report on both aircraft in the next few days if people are interested. Thanks to Tim and Richard for entrusting me to fly their pride and joy after all their blood, sweat and tears restoring them and also thanks to Jay and Sam for taking the time to discuss Quickie handling and Tri-Q take-off and landing techniques as it had been a few years (2008) since I flew my own Q2 and I hadn’t flown the Tri-Q before. One day when time and space permit I’ll get my own Q2 back in the air again. 


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That’s great, Rich!  Congratulations! I see you guys are keeping Simon quite busy. Making a real Q Airforce over there now. Keep up the good work, and keep us posted on your flight experiences.





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Well Q People,

I am pleased to relate that this afternoon Simon Wilson flew my Triq200 - G-BMFN to the skies and successfully completed its Permit revalidation flight test.
Thanks to all the Q List for help down the ages, and to Simon for completing the milestone. 
At least we know it flies now, and it would seem resonably well.

Rich T

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