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Frankenbird Vern

 The centering detent makes sense and having a "stick" backup to the elevator is also a very viable point. Redundancy is good. 

  So..on this line, my plan is now to incorporate both but for the concerns about holding a position the easiest "factory method" design 
I can think of is a larger flat steel washer, then Belleville washer with the correct smaller AN flat washer under the bolt head. The stack 
keeps the assembly in compression.  Install on the reflexor pivot bolt.
Use a drilled head bolt and safety wire the pivot bolt to prevent any chance of it backing off, thus loosing compression pressure. The idea 
is to add friction to the system but keeping it smooth acting, so a bit of flight testing is in order to obtain that "best feel".  Belleville washers 
are a very good design for maintaining tension. The lifetime wear limit on this item with a bit of candle wax as a lube would exceed other items 
on the aircraft.   

  Very little weight or cost (Grainger has a big selection of these types of washers). Only the bolt and smaller flat washer needs
be AN hardware. Your safety wire hard point could be another drilled AN bolt floxed in the bulkhead or whatever design you decide. If a 
hardpoint "tab" I would make it in steel. .025" is more than sufficient.     

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Bruce raises a good point here. In an emergency, for example if one or more of the links to the elevator breaks or becomes jammed, the reflexor is a back-up pitch control, you would like it to be usable in that regard.





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Looks delicious!  Will the vernier let you move the reflexor quick enough?  Will pushing the button be an extra function that will slow the movement down to much?



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I visited Kevin Sheely lat year, he installed his reflexer  control in the LH armrest so it was ergonomically placed by the engine controls. He used a vernier push-pull cable, commonly used on mixture controls for fine tuning.

It can just be seen in the lower left of the attached pic.

Kevins Q200 is an outstanding example, down to the smallest detail.


Bill Allen





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  Mike-----------  I checked it out and I think I used the Model 3
internal reversing. There are a good selection that will work.--- Chris

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