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Frankenbird Vern

 Very true Jay! 

 Tim,, since in ancient history I was at Lear, Beech, and Falcon performing this very type of work, be assured 
you are in good company with your moo smells. :-)   The added weight is minimal but the fire safety over vinyl is substantial.
And now you can also play Ricardo Montalban on your ramp chats too.    
I figure if we ask Jim I am sure he will remember the sheepskin seat covers added to the airliners. Now your talkin comfort.. 

 Who knew the barnyard was in the cockpit. Even us storm chickens sit on the sheep and cow hyde.  

 It is on the Internet now but back then mostly experience taught which was better to sew and install... two type of hide tanning. Veggie dyed and chromium. The cost is based on the type of dye process but more the absence of markings.  At Falcon there was an option for used hydes also purchased by Rolls. This was in the early 1980's and those hydes were $550 to $650 each at the time!! At least 10 hydes are required for each Falcon 10 aircraft.  Rolls had raised specific herds and those cattle were kept where there was NO barbed wire. 

 The cattle are literally babied all their lives. The Beef was also quite a specialty.  Tim I would say from first look that the hydes you have look very clear of marking. In leathers you pay for what you get.  Working with Chromium is wonderful. It pulls very nice and even on installation too. 

 In those days we also used a lot of rare woods on the cabinetry. Rosewood was one of the most often used. Some used Ebony. You fella's will smile when I tell you Wendy's had the same formica in the restaurants on the card tables.  Mmmm.. that kinda missed the mark on several points but that is what they wanted..even if was a half million square wormburgers to pay for it. 


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That smell can vary depending on whether you are farmer or a cobbler.




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Moo moo cow smell.


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Are you sure you meant Moo or was that auto corrected ? :-)

Rich T.

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Hi Norman,
Sorry it’s a bit late, I got some normal foam sheets and some of the energy absorbing stuff for the base and tried it out, various thicknesses, to fit.
Then had leather covers made. Mostly because we had a guy at the hangar who does seats and trim for a living.
The centre and sides then had leather glued on.
Disadvantage: A bit pricey, maybe weight.
Advantage: Cockpit smells of moo when you open it.

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