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I've just finished reading every single Quick Talk / Q-Talk ever
(whew!) Not in one sitting, but WHEW! anyway!
Chris you should be a poster child for "Builder Doing It Right." I like the
term used in corporate mergers where one company is looking over another for
a buyout : Due Diligence. This is where you find the flies in the ointment...
if any. A wise builder exercises due diligence is examining past history on
his anticipated project. "Anticipated" is a good word too. It means you do
your homework BEFORE sticking your foot into it and buying a bargain pig in a

Owning past QTALKS and even reading them all is a big committment. Even
having produced most of them I am frequently surprised over the copy machine
to read tips that have completely left my head. There is just too much stuff
in there. We ought to go to a two-pager so we can keep up. But there is still
a mass of stuff that has gone unprinted. Thanks for your due diligence... you
understand I am ony cranky about the dopes.

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