Re: Possible fuselage damage

Martin Skiby

Looks very shallow to me and possibly small damage from a hand or strap etc.  I  would just mico over it and maybe put one layer on it for grins.  Does not look serious.


From: "Mike Steinsland"
Sent: Tuesday February 14 2023 9:52:36AM
Subject: [Q-List] Possible fuselage damage

I've done my tailwheel install and have removed the tail to get some room back.
Noticed these irregularities on the bottom.

See attached photos 

Has anyone else seen this on their fuselage?
I'm thinking it may be transportation damage.

If it is damage, is the best fix to dig it out, put in new foam and eyeglass?

I'm hoping its a flaw in the factory mold and is common but I won't bet my lunch on it.

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