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I come close to being able to help. I just sprayed my cockpit pit with
Zolatone Marble Stone tonight. Not quite the color your looking for though.
I would have equip. but not the paint.
Lynn French

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I'm looking for someone who's going to be doing some spraying of
Zolatone Lilith Charcoal (#40-59). Here's my situation.

Within the past few years I sprayed my cockpit with that product and
color. We've subsequently relocated and I no longer have the equipment
set-up or leftover paint. I recently reworked a small access panel
(approx 2" x 5") in my cockpit and now it needs respraying.

I thought that if I could find someone who was going to be spraying with
that color, they wouldn't mind taking the five seconds it would take to
shoot this little access panel.

I'd, of course, pay for the postage both directions. Any takers?

Thank you,
Jim Porter
Huntsville, AL

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