Re: Otttawa Stuff

Bruce Crain

Hi Jimmy,

Just a note to let you know Bruce and I made it home safely with a nice
tail wind. It was still cold with a high of 48 degrees in the cockpit.
It was a beautiful ride home with great visability. Bruce said that it
was great to see your hands up for our low pass heading home. Sorry I
couldn't see you from the right seat. I thank all you pilots who let me
know that they have a heater--maybe we will too soon. I was glad I had
all my warm stuff on.

We enjoyed seeing everyone and getting updates on the last 12 months. It
was a big success.

Lord Bless

Bruce and Joanne

On Sun, 8 Oct 2000 18:06:49 EDT JMasal@... writes:
The Bonanza that beat all the Q-200's in the non-race is back safely
with its
Fun performance run even in the bumps, hilarious banquet with all you
guys and girlies and a great time out in cold, windy bright and
mutha nature gawking at the 10 aircraft. It ain't better than Oshkosh
but I wouldn't like it if I had to miss it.
Hope you other pilots will check in. j.

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