Re: Ottawa: Return Check in

Pat Panzera <panzera@...>

Seems that there were several folk at Ottawa that had not seen some of the
websites I've built, pertaining the the Q, the Dragonfly and the Corvair.

Below you'll find a list of websites. All you need to do is click on
the underlined text to view the page. (some folk told me that they
didn't know how to open the attachment)

My Q-2 LS1 with a Corvair engine, including the rear starter setup and
engine mount:

The Yellow Dragonfly, repairing a canard and converting from MKI to MKII:

The Dragonfly I have for sale (this is not "my" project):

The CorvAIRCRAFT website:

The supplement to William Wynne's manual:

My dragonfly, how to convert from the "old style" engine mount to the new:

Photos of my Dragonfly taken shortly after my return from Ottawa 1997.

David Hiatt's hanger and beautiful Q.

A collection of misc. stuff:

Hope this helps.
If I missed one, let me know.


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