Re: Otttawa Stuff

Bruce Crain

Hey Jimmeh,
I knew Kennedy was taking off after me so I was looking for him. When I
saw him I radioed him telling him I was off his 11:00 and passing under
him. I didn't turn for the initial until I saw him. At 1 point on the
trip up to Ottawa I caught myself wondering why I was going. The OAT at
5500' was 26 degrees and even with all our ski outfits on it was still a
little cool on our feet (as you know I don't have cabin heat). But
Joanne and I really enjoyed ourselves. I got such a kick giving rides
and watching newbies!!! The banquet was just a blast!! What a fun
lovin' group!! The Stewarts were very gracious and much appreciated. I
was hoping to give Don a ride but it never worked out. Look me up next
year Don. Or maybe you could get with Matt when we are out in Phoenix
the last of this month and we could go for a spin. Again Don and Debbie,
you are very special folks. Thanks so much

Lord Bless
Bruce and Joanne Crain
On Mon, 9 Oct 2000 11:34:54 EDT JMasal@... writes:
Bruce and Joanne - Thanks for complying with my request for a fast
pass on departure. Youse guys looked REAL good with that tailwind. As
I saw
you doing the 360 on the north end, Kenedy was climbing on takeoff. I
thought, OOH OOH we have a potential traffic conflict here, but
Kennedy is
very visible with that yellow paint and when he saw you guys fooling
he followed right behind to give us stragglers 2 nice passes to finish
show weekend. It was nice to have a tailwind on the way back to

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