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David J. Gall

Not to dispute, only to inform: the size of a Word file is often a function
of how many times that particular file has been edited. Save it using "save
as" and then give it a new file name and often it will be significantly
smaller. Also, if you have a lot of macros in your or other
template file from which the file in question was derived, those items also
get stuffed into the saved file. You can use the Organizer to eliminate
things, if you are willing to spend the time. My preference is for HTML
documents and JPEG graphics....

Also, Microsoft offers a free Word viewer that is available for download so
that anyone can read Word documents, just as the Acrobat viewer is free from
Adobe. Likewise, Microsoft Excel, MathCAD, AutoCAD, etc. Visit my dinky
little half-built site for links to all of these except Adobe:
click here

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Please guys, do not post an email on this site with 35 PDF pages. It
take forever for people with slow speed lines to download, and you may
be able to upload it unless you have a high speed line.
None of the files are going to the list, they as noted were heading toward
various websites where anyone can get them if they want them.

First if the receiver does not have pdf, he has to find the Adobe site
download the 6 mbyte program.
Its a one time download and most online bochures, catalogs and such
are done in a pdf format. It's also truely universal where as some of the
other common ones seem to hiccup (especially if you really need the info)

It's not so bad on graphics as the format is similar (a type of digital
picture to another type of digital picture). But a more efficient medium
JPEG (.jpg files).
Just as an experiment I churned out the pdf copy of the info. The pdf
(with a couple extra pages for index etc) was 48,555 bytes, the original
txt version
was......59,204 bytes, the Ms Word (V2K) document was ....... 111,616
These all were the identical document so the size difference is due to the
not the actual data.

So the preferred way to send this stuff is any type of text format, word
processor or as html as a file attachment, or just paste the text into
email send program. Send the pictures as file attachments.
The POH I did started out as a 30mb source file and compiled
to pdf was only 230K. That had plenty of graphics as you can tell and
you can see how much exporting it to pdf compacted it. My concern about
output was to make sure the info can get out to as many people as
A lot of peeps have Word but some don't and its not free etc.
I'll upload the files to the websites in the next day or so. Uploading
things to
the list might cause all sort of high blood pressue and spasms for our
moderators... ;-]



PS Tom!!! I noticed you didn't have the poh on the qba site. Did you need

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