Re: Wingtip Lenses

Patrick Panzera <panzera@...>

James Patillo wrote:

To Panzera - not bragging - simply stating what I saw.
I meant no disrespect. However, what was your IAS at the time,
and at what altitude. That way we can factor out the tail wind.

On the way to Ottawa from Phoenix, my GPS said 500kts and 37,580'.

In the next few months I will make the Klaus Savier engine mod and
change to new cylinders with 9:1 pistons and electronic ignition on
one side. My goal is to fly with Mr. Bob M. So Panzera if you want
to join in you should at least get something that fly's and get with it!
Join in? I should own a flying aircraft before I may express an
opinion?!? Perhaps if I owned a flying aircraft, a Mr. could go
before my last initial also, and I could have a first name too?

Sorry to have offended you.


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