Two Q2 kits for $1500.00



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I've got some pics loaded in the "picture" area of my website of the Q2's
for sale. Sorry I can't steer you directly to the pics as the website won't
allow it. (as far as I can figure it out).

Here's a copy of the E from the gentleman if anyone wants to contact him
directly about these projects. We need to find a good loving home for these

Mike Brown

Subj: Re: Q2's for sale
Date: 10/18/2000 3:57:23 AM Central Daylight Time
From: mkahler@... (Michael Kahler)

you can have them both for 1500 firm...but I need to get rid of them soon..

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I tried to look at your post in the Homebuilt News list, but got a warning
that your message was encoded and might contain executable code.

Still have them for sale?


Mike Brown
building a Corvair powered Q200

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