Re: Aero Poxy

Bruce Crain

You should have had some epoxie left in the mixing cup. Scratch it with
a nail- if it leaves a scratch and doesn't gum or move with the nail the
"batch" is good. If the batch is good then your lay-up is alright. It
may just need a "little" warmth for a day or 2 to "cook it off". If you
can rig something up to cover the part and bring the temp up for a
couple of days it would probably clear up the problem. If the part is
small you could use a light bulb under cover to do the trick. This can
be a fire hazard so be careful!! Put the left over cup of epoxie in the
"warming tent" so you can be sure you got the mix right or the epoxie is
still good. Remember, the canard is to be heat cured before use and with
the temp. well below 70 degrees F it will need some help for other parts
also. A friend that helped me get started on my Q once said that epoxie
takes about a week to fully cure at normal temps. Hope this helps.

Bruce Crain

On Fri, 20 Oct 2000 17:35:34 -0500 "Jeremy Prizevoits"
<JerryPrize@...> writes:
Hey guys,

I need some quick input. I did a lay up last week and the surface
slightly "tacky" . Today is the first day that we have seen above 65
degree's but I am concerned that I may not have a good cure. My lay up
hard as a rock, but I still concerned. Any advice you can offer would
greatly appreciated and I am not opposed to sanding the glass off and
starting over. So if it's tuff love you have to give me fire away.

Jerry Prizevoits
Q200 builder extraordinaire

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