Re: Aero Poxy

Don Stewart <siinc@...>


It's the old Humidity vs Temp problem. You will need to either lower the
humidity during layups/curing or raise the temperature in the layup
booth, or both.

Probably raising the temps a little in a closed space is the easier of
the two and should allow that cure to progress to a satisfactory

Others have suggested making up a batch of resin with a healthy dose of
catalyst and applying it to the tacky surface. The idea is to create a
really warm exothermic reaction which might cure the resin below.


Jeremy Prizevoits wrote:

Hey guys,

I need some quick input. I did a lay up last week and the surface feels
slightly "tacky" . Today is the first day that we have seen above 65
degree's but I am concerned that I may not have a good cure. My lay up seems
hard as a rock, but I still concerned. Any advice you can offer would be
greatly appreciated and I am not opposed to sanding the glass off and
starting over. So if it's tuff love you have to give me fire away.

Jerry Prizevoits
Q200 builder extraordinaire

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