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I had this done at a fly-in. The guy attached a motion sensor to the front
of the engine (we removed on of the case bolts and installed the sensor
there) and a sensor to tell engine rotation (call it a crank sensor), then
ran the engine. He produced a read out on a hand held machine. With
reference to the the crank sensor and the amount of motion he could tell
where to put weight and at what angle. We put a few large washers under a
spinner screw. Then ran the engine again. He showed where the read out was
different and had reduced the vibration considerably. It only took him two
engine runs. Bottom line for me was that it looked impressive and the read
out said the vibration was reduced---but I couldn't tell the difference! I
feel I have more imbalance in fuel distribution to individual cyclinders
that cause different combustion pressures and therefore more or less torque
pulses and that causes my engine vibration. I need to solve the fuel
distribution roughness first.

From: "Bruce J Crain" <jcrain2@...>
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Sent: Friday, August 11, 2000 11:49 PM
Subject: [Q-LIST] Dynamic Balancing

To the "Groupies",
I have had a slight vibration in my Q200 since it was completed. I am
very particular about my "bird". I have been in touch with a company
that does "dynamic balancing" of the prop, spinner, engine. Apparently
sensors are hooked to the engine and it balances the "fan" sort of like a
tire balancer. Any one have any experience with the "dynamic balance
act"? Inquiring mind wants to know.

Bruce Crain

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