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Jim Patillo


I made my front spinner bulkhead. Cut a piece of aluminum (appropriate thickness and diameter) the right size for the front of the hub, measure and drill prop bolt holes, cut clear tubing and install around the radius. When the spinner is installed bulkhead should be a snug fit. I have 280 hours on it and not a sign of a crack. I have a polished aluminum spinner.

Jim Patillo N46JP Q200

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I have purchased a Performance Designs prop, which has a hub thickness of 4.0" My old prop was a Warnke, with a hub thickness of 3.5". My old spinner, fit for the Warnke, will not fit the new prop.

It looks like I'm going to buy a new spinner from A/C Spruce and use it. The problem being, A/C Spruce does not offer a front bulkhead for 4" hubs.

Has anybody sucessfully made and flown a spinner with a homemade front bulkhead? If so, how did you fabricate it?

Any other suggestions?


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