Purchased Q200

Ron Triano <rondefly@...>

Hi I am new to the Q list but not new to Dragonfly's. I just got a deal
on a Q200, the Owner crashed in another bird as a passenger and was
killed about a year ago. I saw this Q back about a year and a half ago
and was interested in it as it was flying back then. Since he has taken
it all apart. Looks like he was going to change to different landing
gear as the outboard wheels have been completely cut off, along with the
elevators. It has a very low time 0-200 on it and seams to be all there.
I'm sure the engine is worth more than what I paid for everything. Would
sure like some comments on putting the wheels back on the tips of the
canard and what layups are required in that area. He was a 2nd owner and
has no plans. I am at a bit of a loss there.

Thankyou in advance for any help

Ron Triano in sunny South Lake Tahoe, CA

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