Re: Purchased Q200

Jim Patillo


I have a Q200 flying in Livermore, CA near you. We are having a fly in in August and hope you can make it. There should be several Q's and DF's there. Bob Farnam on the field here may still have wheel pant templates and I have a friend locally that may have some as he built two Q's.

If I were building new wheel pants, I would seriously consider sizing them for 5:00 x 5 tires as the smaller original tires are no longer available. Further consider building the pant with the rear being a "blade" as opposed to pointed. Both Bob and I have tuff tested our wheel pants and found the air comes "unglued" on the top and inside of the wheel pant just rear of the elevator faring. Many RV's and EZE's have made this modification.


Jim Patillo N46JP Q200

P.S. Whose airplane did you purchase?

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