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I considered this same dilemma when I replace my prop, but ended up with a
3.5" hub prop instead. I think the reason they do not offer a front bulkhead
for the 4" hub is because there is no room for it. If your using the spinner
that I think you are, I'm thinking the prop hub will come right up next to
the spinner at this thickness.
Not sure about this though.

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I have purchased a Performance Designs prop, which has a hub thickness of
4.0" My old prop was a Warnke, with a hub thickness of 3.5". My old
spinner, fit for the Warnke, will not fit the new prop.

It looks like I'm going to buy a new spinner from A/C Spruce and use it.
The problem being, A/C Spruce does not offer a front bulkhead for 4" hubs.

Has anybody sucessfully made and flown a spinner with a homemade front
bulkhead? If so, how did you fabricate it?

Any other suggestions?


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