Engine Question


Hi Gang! I have a question for the engine heads out there. I replaced my
hydraulic lifter springs on my type 4 VW awhile back in an attempt to solve a
bouncing needle (intake leak?) on a vacuum gage and a strange thing is now
happening. When I start it up, I notice its not running as smooth as it
should. Not sure if the casual observer would notice, but I do. When I take
it to full throttle there is a pulse in the rpm of about 100 rpm and I can
only get 2900 max rpm. I shut it down and wait a minute or two, then
restart. Usually the engine runs smoother with no pulse at a max rpm of
3100. I also noticed today that one of the two CHT's was nearly 100 degree
hotter than the other doing max power when the pulses were occurring. After
restart there was not significant temp. differences. Any ideas of what is
happening? BTW, the vacuum gage still bounced after the springs were
replaced and so did the manifold pressure gage (which replaced the vacuum
gage) until I reduced the line flow as the manifold pressure gage
instructions said to do if the needle bounced.

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble
Omaha NE
A Sign Above

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