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At 09:12 PM 5/25/02 -0700, Ron Triano wrote:
Since he has taken it all apart. Looks like he was going to change to
different landing gear as the outboard wheels have been completely
cut off, along with the elevators. [snip] Would sure like some
comments on putting the wheels back on the tips of the canard
and what layups are required in that area.
This might mean he was in the process of doing the "Dave Gall" Wheel
alignment (by repositioning the wheel pants). From James Postma (emphasis
"If you are a builder I would use the Bob and Jim mods with the Gall wheel
the axle. Set the wheel pants at 3 degrees of positive camber relative to
the canard and drill the axle at zero camber at full load. This leads to
fewer problems with wheel/tire clearance and brake alinement. "

The Dave Gall article is on the QBA website at

Ron, much of what has been published here and on previous lists and in the
QBA newsletter concerns problems with ground handling. The Q2/Q200 is a
great flying airplane, but many people have had trouble with landings.
There are at least three approaches to fixing ground handling problems:
-- The Dave Gall Wheel Alignment
-- A larger rudder
-- The "Jim Bob Six Pack" from Jim Patillo and Bob Farnam:
a.. Reflexor mod
b.. Belly board mod
c.. La Rue Brake mod
d.. Toe brake mod
e.. Bellcrank mod
f.. Full swiveling tail wheel mod
Much of this is discussed in a threads that begin 12-21-01. Access the
archive thru Yahoo groups. The threads are:
Great flying airplanes!
Ground Handling
Great flying airplanes: details please Great flying airplanes:
brake details please
Re: [Q-LIST] a bit more on axle alignment There was an incredible
amount on Q-list on Wheel alignment, ground handling, etc. in Dec. 2001;
this may all relate to your current project (esp. the Dave Gall article).
I suggest you review all that then come back with questions. Also:

He was a 2nd owner and has no plans. I am at a bit of a loss there.
I think Mike Brown is the current librarian but I don't know how to reach
him -- someone else chime in -- you really need a set of plans -- if no
other source I will see about copying what I have but it is 11 x 17 format
and not easy to get that.

Mike Perry

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