Who's who?

Jim Patillo


I think most of the people who are interested in building good airplanes listen to you and others like you. There is no substitute for knowledge and experience. It has become apparent over the last couple of years who knows what's going on and who doesn't. You are wasting your time combating crap. Leave people like Peter Harris to their own devices. Bad part is their end result speaks for itself and gives the rest of us low resale values and mixed opinions about a great little airplane. These type individuals directly and indirectly will continue to let everyone know what a lousy airplane the Q is no matter what. While that is happening, the rest of us can enjoy perhaps the least costly, most fuel efficient, fast, fun and esthetically pleasing airplane around. In the end we will amass a bunch of nice planes.

As always, my main concern is that there are new people on this list purchasing Q's & DF's and can't yet figure it out. Unfortunately they will spend considerable more time completing there projects until they do.

I am always willing to help anyone who expresses an interest others need not apply.

Jim Patillo N46JP Q200

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