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David J. Gall


Agreed, and well said.

David J. Gall

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just a quick note to thank you for your BS and rant free discussion on the
subject of reflexors. It is very clear to me that you know what you are
talking about, have sufficient discernment to be able to sift the wheat
from the chaff and discard the chaff in an environmentally friendly way.
Thank you also for restricting your posting to the subject in hand rather
than diluting transmissions with bitterness and irrelevancy.

I for one am saddened that Neil has come to the decision to sell his
aircraft, he has worked his heart out to overcome a huge number of hurdles,
asked a bunch of smart questions and prompted a great deal of very valuable
discussion and learning. I salute his courage in saying that enough is
enough- it must have been a tough decision and I would guess that the last
thing he needed was martini befuddled scorn.

Thank also for taking the time to explain your reasoning and your
experiences to justify what you have done. It is extremely helpful to t
hose who have yet to be exposed to the discipline of the engineering
process. Those who have done any design work will instantly recognise that
it is really easy to make things more complicated and fiendishly difficult
to make things simpler. The real elegance comes from being able to achieve
the aim with less, not more.

You are on to it ;-)


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