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One Sky Dog

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John Loram wrote:

Well, yes and no. With attachments enabled, anyone with a free web e-mail
account can sign up momentarily and with a single e-mail send a virus to
everyone on the list, and disappear. There are plenty of other ways to
with sending files that limit exposure to viruses, and don't load up
everybody's hard drive with stuff they didn't ask for.

I vote (do I have one?) against having attachments enabled.
regards, -john-
Fair enough.

I'm on a very small e-mail list (about 15 or us) and we send e-mails
attachments all the time, it's great. I had been under the impression
that Yahoo didn't allow for attachments, and while poking around in the
innards of this list, I saw the switch.

I would assume that a vast majority of us on this list have a bit of
difficulty maneuvering around the files section of Yahoo, and I
thought that being able to attach small JPG's to a note would be
very helpful.

But as you point out, perhaps those who would benefit the most,
might also be most vulnerable.

Sorry, I'll throw the switch back.

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