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Jon Finley <finley@...>

Good work Larry!! Very interesting stuff there!

I am shocked at the airflow around the pants! I also thought the rounded
pant would be much better. Come on you guy that are flying!!! Oil flow
yours so we have something to compare to!! We know my shape sucks. Larry's
shape needs some work. WHAT CAN WE SAY ABOUT YOURS??

I think the canard root is showing about what we expected. Now, put a
temporary fillet on and repeat the test. I'd test mine (which has the a
vertically flat fillet - like we discussed) but its so stinking cold the oil
would freeze before I got into the air!! :-)


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I have added 11 JPG photos of my oil flow testing on a Q-200

They show:

Canard Wing root on both sides
Canard wheel pants- inside, outside, top
Wing root leading edge
Wing tip top flow

Some of the flows are ugly! Especially when I thought the rounded wheel
pants were more aerodynamic -shows what I know!

Sorry about some of the orientation of the pictures. I was trying to get
"important" stuff all in a picture

Will write more on these picts later-its late!


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