Driving directions to Coffey County TW wing Fly-in

spudspornitz <bspornitz@...>

Owen wrote: If you can get this whole url into your browser, I
believe it to be the exact road map location of Coffey co. airport.
You can use it to generate driving directions to/from almost any
street address in the US.


Note that the Yahoo! directory for the airport points to a location
south of Burlington, but the URL above points halfway between
Burlington and I-35

Spud, please corret me if this is wrong, or I won't be able to find
my way there! Owen

Hi Owen and gang,
First, you need to paste together this link (It took me a minute to
figure it out). But then it works fine!

Its really pretty simple to get there. I-35 is a major north-south
interstate that runs from Minnepolis to Dallas. If you can make it to
I-35, you are home free. Take I-35 to the 155 mile marker (the little
green mileage markers) which is at the intersection of I-35 and hiway
75 (You'll see a Truck stop right there called "Beto Junction", thats
where were having the welcoming-kick off the event dinner friday
night). At this intersection(I-35 and 75) go south for approx. 7
miles and the airport is on the east(left) side and you can't miss
it. There isn't a tree or building for miles,its the only thing you
can see other than rolled hay bales or a cow or two.

Now for those staying at one of the motel in Burlington, it is an
addtional 7 more miles south of Coffey County Airport.

Very Best Regards,

Spud Spornitz
Prepping big time in Kansas

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