Re: Dead sticking a Q200

Patrick Panzera <panzera@...>

kittleson1@... wrote:


The actual numbers are irrelevant.
So then, V speeds mean nothing to a Q?

10,000 of flight experience and training, and you've come to this conclusion?

I don't know what the descent rate would be for a Q200 at best glide speed.
I haven't yet shut off the engine, stopped the prop and checked....
One small point. I'm not advocating that we actually shut off a perfectly
good engine. I do believe however that power off flight can be simulated
by reducing the throttle to idle, and I believe that's the appropriate method
for training engine out situations. I'm relatively certain that you didn't
actually shut the engine(s) off in every aircraft you've ever trained in.

Best glide speed doesn't really matter either,
unless you need to get the most distance.
And in most cases, that's the issue... trying to get distance...
But I hear what you are saying, and if indeed there are two different
speeds in the Q, we should know what these numbers are. Why does the FAA
restrict our flying for the first 40 hours? To gather this kind of info?

Forgive me, but I would have thought that a pilot with 10,000 hours should
be able to come up with a technique to get one of these birds down safely
in the event of an engine failure... or perhaps develop a system or fix
what would greatly improve survivability.

As an example, the high performance sailplanes, that are heavy, land
fast and float forever, have spoilers drag chutes.... and V speeds!


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