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David J. Gall

Dave, Chris,

No, the glass is to be laid up over WET micro slurry. The wet slurry is what
provides the mechanical bond between the glass and the foam. If there are
any voids in the foam, fill them with dry micro AFTER the excess micro
slurry has been squeegeed off. The foam itself should have been sanded to
the correct, accurate contour before any of the micro is added. Reference:
"Moldless Composite Homebuilt Sandwich Aircraft Construction" 3rd edition,
Rutan, Sept. 1983, page 3-9, Steps 3, 4 & 5. The same info can be found in
the Quickie plans on page 3-10, steps 3, 4 & 5, since QAC's info is copied
directly from an earlier edition of Rutan's "Moldless..." book. Sorry, I
don't have time to look it up in the Q2 plans.

David J. Gall

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Yes, you do need the to sand the micro before you add the glass. The micro,
from what I understand, just makes the surface more true in reguards to
smoothness and contour, resulting in less post-glass filling in.

Chris McAtee
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