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Sorry I accidently deleted your original e-mail so could not
reply more directly.
I would be more than delighted to meet you and show you my 170 hr Q200
VH-LOQ at this big airshow. My best guess is that you are flying in to
Avalon with the invited US military.
I will be flying in there on Fri 16 Feb, camping and leaving
Sun evening 18 Feb.Cellphone 0419 883123. Before Fri phone Melbourne
95512718 or 97947955 during working hrs.
Look forward to hearing from you.
landings John Cartledge

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Thanks to everyone for the responses to my questions ,

Mike did you know later model 13b's have lighter weight rotating assemblies , also
alloy water pump housings . The series 4 is decompressed and the series 5 is high
compression . They both have much higher quality rotor housings , crome/moly
( I think) surfaces instead of the crome plated steel ones in the earlier motors .
The standard port opening and all the after market ports I have seen are not very kind to the
side and apex seals . Observe the area on the side housing just above the port ,
there is always a shiny little nick where the side seal closes . This causes premature
blowby , and can be eliminated with the correct port profile .
With the swiss cheesy looking rotor inners , Check for possible oil supply problems .
some bozoes like to remove the springs and ball bearings from the oil jets in the ecc
shaft .
I cut my teeth on an RX2 as well , 95000 miles worth .When putting headers on any
rotary there should be an increase in both top and bottom end power .
If only the top end increased this would suggest your pipe dia was too large . What type of
port job , header length and dia was your RX2 ?
Will you be running a water temp themostat?
You can plug the water bypass remove the thermo and increase cooling , make sure you
put a wire coil in the bottom radiator hose to avoid the water pump sucking it flat .
Thats one thing less that can go wrong .
Have you seen some of the smaller rotes available through Wankel and Midwest ,
They are around 50kgs with redrive giving 70 horse , offering a choice of fuels even
diesel . That would have to satisfy the fuel misers .
Per horspower the wankel would use very little more fuel than pistons , and according to
Mike Dwyer less at cruise revs .
Yes I have heard of Tracy Crooks EMS's and redrives , by all accounts very good systems .

Seeya Sammy

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