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Ha Dave
Good to here from ya, didn't know you were looking in ill be at buds on the 17th for few days why don't ya come on down

Talk later. Reggie 

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One Sweeeet little Q-Bird Reggie!

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Dave Hudak

One Sweeeet little Q-Bird Reggie!

Powerhouse Electric, Inc.
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Office:   406-257-2677

David Hudak, Pres.
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Landing Q's

Reg Clarke <airryder@...>

Landing a Q

Jim Patillo

Good afternoon Mike,
Thank you for the compilation of the different planes' tailwheel-tailspring geometry we have in the fleet. So it looks like the safest way (for a newbe or maybe others depending on the configuration) is to land it 3 point. The only problem with a second or third hand plane is it has probably been modified in some form or fashion. Having said that, understanding what you have before getting it airborne is an important area for a pilot to be aware of. I think we learned something on this one.

Again if properly configured, there should be absolutely no reason for a Q to divert from the runway.  

Jim P

Laughlin Trip

Jim Patillo

Hello everyone,
I would like to congratulate Tom Hall on his first successful cross country in the US, to our get together in Laughlin, NV.  this past weekend. Tom you have a very nice Dragonfly and the added effort you put into your plane to get it to this point does not go unnoticed, even when sitting close to all those Black Hawk helos.

As far as I can tell, we all had a real good time, so it looks like we may start up another Fly In there, next year in April. I talked with the General Manager at Landmark Aviation and they are more than happy to host the event. This weekend they were hosting a Mooney event.

Instead of a Tandem Wing Fly In,  maybe we  we just open it up to all our aviation friends on the west coast and beyond. Having a place for the ladies to get together is a definite plus and gives us more time for hangar talk! 
Jim Patillo N46JP - Q200
Almost 50 years as a pilot in command and still lovin' it!

FW: [c-a] International Air Meet in Durant, Oklahoma May 23-26

Sanjay Dhall <sdhall@...>



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Subject: [c-a] International Air Meet in Durant, Oklahoma May 23-26



I’m sending this to the group for my friend Pat Purcell who is organizing this event.  Leif Johnson and I are entering.  Come out and play!


Calling all Canard Pilots and Builders!   The International Air Meet-Championship Cross Country Air Races and event director, Patricia Purcell personally invites you to the big show.


                 The Air Meet is the once a year gathering for our sport of Cross Country Air Racing.   It all takes place at Durant, OK, May 23-26, 2-14.  There are two racing events and classes for everyone.    On May 24 a 100nm round robin 5 turn race takes place.  This is a Sport Air Racing League Sanctioned Championship Point event.  The League classes will be used.   On May 25 a 600nm round robin event takes place. Two no penalty fuel stops are available.   There are no Sport League points but League classes will be offered and by entering you not only are automatically in your League class but are eligible for Challenge classes and the ultimate Top Speed in major categories.  Challenge class racing is for 3 or more of the same make/model of aircraft.  The LongEZ's and the VariEZ's have their own classes and the opportunity to race each other on a very even playing field.   Now, who has built the fastest canards????  It is all up for grabs on May 25th.   The ultimate top speed awards will be presented for Experimentals and Factory planes for single and multi engine, normally aspirated, turbo/super charged and turbine.  Heavy Metal for single and multi engine.

            A complimentary Sport League provisional membership is given to all entrants. 

               This is a great chance for all canard pilots to gather as a group to not only compete on the race course but to meet and exchange ideas and enjoy each other's company and introduce and show off your great planes to the other participants.

     For all information and entry:

     Patricia Purcell

     High Velocity Events, LLC




Barnstormers: QUICKIE TRI Q • $6,500 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE

John Loram <johnl@...>

QUICKIE TRI Q • $6,500 • AVAILABLE FOR SALEQuickie Tri Q experimental aircraft project. Very nice and well built airplane. Was disassembled for a panel upgrade, motor swap, and a paint job. The new engine is a Rev-Master 2100. The panel upgrade did not happen and the old paint was stripped, that's as far as the project got, Complete set of plans sold with it. • Contact Clint H. Davis, Owner - located Osawatomie, KS USA • Telephone: 913-731-1305 . • Posted April 6, 2014



Re: Charging AGM batterys


Good points, Mike.  I'll add a couple of my experiences.

I bought one of the inexpensive microprocessor-controlled eBay chargers (~$30). However, the plane seemed to perennially have a low battery. Upon further investigation, the float voltage was wrong on it (12.65V). I opened it up, and discovered that, although it is "microprocessor controlled," the float voltage is set by proximity effect of a coil and a Hall effect sensor.  I adjusted the proximity to achieve the desired float voltage and it has remained consistent since.  So, I suggest verifying the output voltage of any charger.

AGM's have to be charged slowly. This includes if you showed up at the airport and had a more-dead-than-usual battery, as I once did, the smart thing to do is put the battery on a charger and wait.  You do not, as I did, connect it to your jump cart, start it, and have fun flying, because even if the cart doesn't charge it too quickly, your alternator will once you get it started, like Mike's buddy.  In my case, the battery swelled, and I immediately pulled it for replacement.  It still works and has a decent amount of capacity, but there's no way it's going in back in an airplane.


TriQ200 15hrs

Landing Q2/200--Dragonfly

Reg Clarke <airryder@...>

I land with reflexer (aileron ) in trail +- 1 degree.
15" manifold pressure or just little power or zero thrust. ((Ground adjust prop)
I can land wheels first but Tricky, tricky, tricky. If land tail first the mains want to slam down on runway, to help if add burst power very quick it will settle down on runway but also Tricky. (Remember for experienced pilots)
NORMAL and best for my airplane is three point, over the threshold (fence) at 80 knots 15"MP, fly it down to within 6" of runway pull power off and hold it off as long as possible ( try not to land) until it settles on runway about 72knots and it's a three point landing.
NOTE. Remember if bounce or ETC not what you want > go around and do it again, we all need the practice anyway. *****

Some one was asking about difference (Dragonfly , Q2,s/200). On landing
Very much the same, Dragonfly speeds about 10 knots slower over threshold 70 instead of 80 knots.
Dragonfly much more rudder authority, heavier ailerons light elevator.
Dragonfly maybe a little easer to land wheel landing firstly
Q,s ailerons, elevator nice and light and same pressure on stick

PS my flying experience, and opinion only.....

Best regards and cheers. Reg Clarke N624JC

Landing Q2/200

Reg Clarke <airryder@...>


Charging AGM batterys

Mike Dwyer

Hi Guys,
I've heard a few people have had problems with AGM lead acid batteries.  Many of us are running these things in our planes these days.

These are sealed batteries and the main thing they don't like is over charging.  That causes hydrogen to boil off and can blow the seal of the battery.

My buddy left his master switch on and it drained the battery dead.  When he got the plane running he noticed 60 Amps going into his expensive battery.  This is very hard on the battery.  So, keep the battery charged when your not using it.  

The biggest killer of AGM batteries is an old fashioned battery chargers.  They sell hyped up special AGM chargers for $200+ but I found one on eBay "Schumacher XC6-CA" that uses a microprocessor to do all the fancy stuff and it cost me $19.  

I keep this thing on the plane 100% of the time while it's in the hangar.

Mike Dwyer N3QP Q200

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Re: Latest Q200 Movie

Jay Scheevel

Hi Mike,

Great video. A quick question. Do you use any reflexor when you land or take off (if so, what setting)?  Also, about what is your CG fuselage station, when you are flying solo? Thanks.

Jay Scheevel - Tri-Q, still building.

Re: Latest Q200 Movie

Trevor Fernihough <spilligans@...>

Very very nice Mike


Trevor Fernihough

Latest Q200 Movie

Mike Dwyer

Check out my latest Q200 movie, this time from the perspective of a camera looking down at the controls and another looking back at us.  See the beach from the steep banks.  See how little control movements are needed at takeoff and landing.

Mike Dwyer N3QP Q200

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Tri-Q on eBay



Here is the description from the eBay listing:

Quickie Tri-Q experimental airplane project. This is very solid airframe was that was originally built in 1984 and flown for several years. It was then tore apart for a panel update and a paint job and that is how it sits. The engine is a Rev Master 2100. This Quickie is equipped with the second design nose gear that is NOT prone to buckling if landed a little nose heavy. This airplane was originally equipped with a home conversion VW engine, the Rev Master was added after the aircraft was torn apart for updating. It has not flown with this engine. I do not have any logs for the airframe nor the engine, however the previous owner stated it had just over 400 hours on the airframe and that the engine had less than 150 hours on it. I have no way of proving this. The airplane looks "used" and by that I mean it looks like it was flown quite a bit before being taken apart. I do not have a prop for it. There are a couple boxes full of parts that come with it. Including all of the original instruments, most of which are probably out dated and need overhauled. Will make a fantastic little airplane for someone. The reason I'm selling it is because I have too many airplanes/projects and I'm trying to thin them out. Serious inquiries may call me at (913) 731-1305. The airplane is located at K81 in Kansas. Also, I do have a complete set of plans for this airplane.

Click the link to check out the pictures:

Tri-Q on eBay


Dan Yager
QBA Editor



Tail Wheel Geometry

Mike Dwyer

I collected all the taildragger Q2's and Q200's pictures I cold find and built a web site that shows the side views so we could see the different tail wheels builders have built.

I made a summary conclusion at the end.  Maybe I'm wrong, who knows...


Mike Dwyer N3QP Q200

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Need a bit of High Density foam

Sam Hoskins

I'm looking for a little 3/8" high density foam, as called out in the QAC plans for bracing the mid-span elevator pivots.  I suppose I could use a fine grade plywood, but I'm trying to stick to the called out materials.  I see at Wicks & Spruce they have 18 ft., but it's the wrong thickness and I would have to buy a whole sheet. For comparison, our wing foam is 2 lb./cu. ft.

I only need a piece the size of a Thalco squeegee.  If you have some that you would be willing to part with soon, please email me offline at sam.hoskins@...



Re: How to complete your project.

Bruce Crain

How to complete your project.

Sam Hoskins

1.  Pick up a part or some material.

2.  Do something with it.


Re: Lopresti style cowl for Q200

Jay Foss


Great thanks for the info. 
I had come across his name when searching the internet but I couldn't find contact info. 
Thank you very much

On Apr 3, 2014, at 9:46 PM, <kitfoxjeff@...> wrote:


Hello Jay,

I searched through my emails and I think that I found the contact person for you in regards to a lopresti style cowling. 
Here is the guys info:
Earnest Martin
40 Glen Cove Drive
Arden NC, 28704-3219

Good luck, they sure do look great. 

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