Ottawa Z-Plane

Don Stewart <siinc@...>


Thanks for asking.

Security is best in the hangar. The hangar is available to you all day
Friday and all day Sunday for the X-Plane demo.

The only difficulty I see is on Saturday in that the area in which you
will be setting up the system(s) is the same area used for forums. So,
in deference to the presenters (and those not interested in X-plane),
the area won't be available to you until after the last Forum ends which
should be around 1pm. Then you have the afternoon until we start setting
up for dinner. You might be able to talk the FBO into using one of his
offices for the X-Plane demo, but, again, I can't have it interfere with
the Forums or the Dinner.

The following CAUTION is for everybody: Since the general public will be
roaming the grounds, I can not take responsibility for anything you
might bring to the Fly-In. If you bring something expensive to Ottawa,
you are responsible for its custody and safety. If you can't keep track
of it and keep it safe, then don't bring it (wife, airplanes, kids,
computers, etc).

BTW, Email & Snail-mail registration cutoff is Tuesday, October 3. I
leave first thing on the 4th for Ottawa so I won't get any mail after
the 3rd. Thanks again to ALL of you who registered early, this year.

Regards, and looking forward to seeing you at Ottawa.


Ted Forringer wrote:

Hi Don,

You may have been following on the dfly-list that we are planning to
bring a computer (or two) to Ottawa for showing off the X-plane
simulation of the Dragonfly. What I haven't asked about yet is whether
or not there will be a safe (dry) place to set up a computer during the
fly-in. Do you foresee any difficulties with this?

-Ted in Michigan