Mountain States Canard Wing Fly-In (Laughlin)

Don Stewart <siinc@...>

The Mountain States Canard Wing Fly-In is scheduled for the last weekend
in February, come rain or shine at Laughlin Nevada/BullHeadCity AZ. Mark
your calendars: February 23/24, 2001.

Attendence is FREE!

Some information is already at the website at:

I just returned from a visit at Laughlin/BullHeadCity. I met with the
Airport Director, John Paskell, to remind him of our event and hoping to
get at least the same accomodations as we got last year for the
afternoon talks.

Unfortunately, that particular maintenance building has been rented out
and is not available for us this year. John says that he will hold any
hangar that empties between now and the Fly-In for us to use, but there
are no guarantees. The airport simply is not designed for any kind of a
fly-in unless you already own a hangar there. At the very worst, we may
have to congregate on the tarmac for the engine presentations. I'll
continue to work the meeting space.

On the Laughlin side of the river, the same is true - they simply don't
have any way to accomodate a fly-in meeting of 50 or so people for
dinner at any of the casino buffets (seating is basically in groups of 6
or 4 persons).

I will try to get the Italian restaurant reserved again this year, but
from my preliminary conversations with their lower management, it is
unlikely that they will agree.

As a fall-back, I have reserved a suite at the River Palms in which I
will host hors-d'vores and drinks at around 4:30pm on Saturday
(donations cheerfully accepted). This will give us chance to meet,
schmooz a little, and figure out which buffet restaurant we all want to

Looking forward to seeing all those planes from last year and a bunch
more that missed last year's Fly-In. My count is up at 10-12 planes
right now. Justin Mace and Dave Carlson are planning to fly in from
Tucson; Mark Snow from New Mexico; Allen, Richard & Brad (maybe even
Troy) from Chino, Charlie is going to try to launch from frozen Utah,
Bob Farnum and John Postma from the Pacific Coast, Larry Brown from

This is going to be a really cool event.

Best Regards,

Don Stewart