We're setting the dates for this years Tandem Wing Fly-in in Kansas...

bspornitz2001 <bspornitz@...>

Hello Everyone,
Spud Spornitz here in Olathe,Kansas. As hopefully most of you know
that I will be your host for this years annual fly-in in Kansas
(which I beleive is the 12th year!!). If I can trouble you for a
moment I would like to get your input on the dates of the event.
We have two solid dates that we can have the fly-in on and those are:
September 27th, 28th & 29th OR October 4th, 5th & 6th. So please give
us your input and I'll firm up a date. If you will please respond to
my direct e-mail at: bspornitz@... and we'll save all the clutter
on the Q-list.
But please everybody give us your yote and comments if you like.
Very Best Regards,
Spud Spornitz
Olathe, Kansas

Bruce Crain

Hi Spud,
Sept. 27,28,29 works for me.

I flew with Justin in Tucson on Thurs. Really enjoyed Justin's company
and flying with him around southern Arizona.

Thanks for taking the "Ottawa Event". You're a Saint! I can see your
picture in the rectory "Saint Spud" patron saint of the Q's and D-fly's.
Don't tell any of the Catholics in the group. I likes mah' face just the
way it is.

Bruce Crain
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