Quickie 2 For Sale

Ambrose, Darold M <darold.ambrose@...>

Complete fully functional never flown Quickie 2 for sale Ten thousand
($10,000.00) USD

Email me off line for details and pictures


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I have been following the QLIST for some months now, nice way to share
information... Thanks.
I bought a Q2 about a year ago that was mostly complete, I finished the
canopy, the electrical and got the thing running, wow what a sporty
looking plane... BUT... I am a student pilot and my wife feels I should
start out with a small Cessna instead of a Q2 at least till I get a few
hundred hours of flying under my belt. I know, I know... what can I say,
I'm a family man first and a wanna-be pilot second.

Is anyone looking to buy a quickie 2? This aircraft is now complete but
never flown, engine (revmaster) has 15 hours on it run up and taxi time.
pictures and more information available on request.

I'm not sure if this is the right forum to advertise on, or if this is
against QLIST protocol any suggestions as to how or where one would
advertise would be greatly appreciated.

Darold Ambrose
Fox Creek AB
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