Q for sale.

Bruce Crain

I received this post from Eric Beason. He thinks my name is Jim..I think?

Bruce Crain


We spoke a couple of months ago about the possibility of my selling my Q200 kit and you indicated that you could post the information on the yahoo group Qlist and/or newsletter if I sent it to you. Below is a brief description of the craft and inventory. I can supply photos to any seriously interested party. I currently have the use of a large flat trailer that is easily towed with my pickup and could deliver the kit materials anywhere within a day or 2 drive from Denver.

Thanks for your assistance.

Eric Beeson

Longmont, CO



Quickie Q200 Air Plane Kit Description

I bought the partially assembled kit and have not touched it since the day I put it in my second barn. The wings, fuselage and tail assemblies were meticulously constructed in the 1990ís. The assembly manual was updated with all of the assembly construction modifications so that each assembly step was done in sequence with the best known specs and practice at the time. It was assembled here in the Denver area and transported it to my place not going over 15 miles per hour.

Key Q200 Features

Meticulous Construction of assembled wings, fuselage, tail, control surfaces

Carbon Fiber Spar Canard

Hydraulic Disc Brakes & Pedals

Removable Tail Assembly

Canopy in with original protective covering

Slides for Canopy

Several boxes of hardware

Subaru Engines for use as power plant

Several Controls


Power Plant

1 "Subaru EA81 Engine ( used, disassembled)"

2 "Subaru EA81 Engine ( used, assembled)"

(engines have not been measured for wear)

PSRU & Propeller




Brake Pedals w/lock

Throttle control

Mixture Control



Air Speed Indicator


Volt/Amp Meter

Oil Temp/Pressure Gauge


Complete Set of Q200 Plans

Assembly Manual with updates

Continental O200 Installation instructions

Paper templates (some mounted on masonite)

Pilot Manual (2)

Many years of the newsletters organized in notebooks

Tee Tail Mod Instructions

Subaru Car Manual

Subaru Engine Maintenance Manual

Antenna Dipole Installation Instructions

Bellyboard Instructions

Many years of Qlist postings

Many years of Airsoob postings

Many years of Subarucraftt postings

Build Status

Basic Fuselage Completed

Basic Tail Assembly Completed

Basic Main Wing Complete

Antenna dipole installed

Basic Canard Completed

Basic Control Surfaces Completed

Basic Wing Wheel Assemblies Completed

Basic Seat Fuel Tank Installed

Rudder Installed

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