New engine

Darrell Daniels <log@...>

Well I guess my Tri-Q is closer to flying now. This weekend I flew out to Casper and purchased a 75 hp Revmaster engine from Paul Spackman.
I wanted to write this to think Paul for his wonderful hospitality. We flew from Missouri in turbulence that could only be described as the flight from hell, it was rough. After arriving At Casper it was all up hill. Paul met us at his hanger and helped load the engine and extra parts he graciously threw in. After that he put my friends airplane in his hanger for the night , Took us to a motel and then came back with his wife and took us out to a wonderful dinner. The next morning Paul came to the hotel at 5 am and took us back to the airport and helped us get underway. What a wonderful person and I wanted to thank him publicly . THANKS AGAIN PAUL
If you were wondering Paul on the way back we had a hour and a half of good weather then came the turbulence and some rain and more turbulence but we managed to stay on the edge and get around it just past Lincoln and turned for home and showing 104 nautical mph on the gps all the way home. Darrell Daniels